Ive been volunteering at the Glenside Hospital Museum for a number of years now and it occurred to me that it had inspired quite a number of artworks. So I thought to make them into a book. Its a large book, about 40 x 30 cm.

The cover is a reminiscence of institutional tiled walls, the interior is a mixture…¬†Installations done when artist in residence at the museum with etchings and other sorts of images done more recently. More words on some of the work is to be found on my website.

We had Names, about patients of the Bristol Lunatic Asylum in the nineteenth century.
Aquatints. The top one of a display of insulin syringes in the museum.
Somatotherapies – the first actual treatments used for mental ill-health, in the 1930s
Electro-convulsive therapy. First used in 1934 and still found to be useful for certain types of depression.
A flag display of monotypes on a fold-out concertina at the back of the book.


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