The Lethe is one of the five rivers of Hades, whoever drinks from it forgets all. Souls bound for Paradise had to cross it to get there so drank some of its water to forget their past sins. Souls on the way to being reborn had to drink to forget their past lives. My thoughts were about the flow of the river and the disintegration of memory as ageing takes its course. The text becomes increasingly incoherent as it progresses; which river is this? Lethe, Leith, Liffe…?

The book has a single page, long and folded, split into diverging sections. It is bound in a Japanese stab stitch style, with the covers stiffened and hinged inwards over the contents.  The text was printed using old wooden type, of which there was not a complete alphabet in any font, but the variation is quite engaging.

The book really stemmed from watching my father detach himself so gracefully and so slowly from life as we live it, engaged in society and dealing with all the concomitants of that.

Cover, woven running water
Cover, woven running water
Lethe River of Oblivion
Lethe River of Oblivion


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