A range of small books resulted from finding a nifty way to fold a sheet of A4 paper into a nice little book with quite a number of pages, which could be glued into a smart cover,  As author I designated myself  ‘a noted expert’ on the topic in question.

Hotels are places of transience, we all have memories of hotels; of fabulous holidays, traumatic events, lucky business deals, strange conferences, fluke meetings. Each book considers hotels from a different viewpoint, the books have a certain ridiculousness, but there is also thought about how we inhabit, use, and desecrate our surroundings.

Great Hotels of the World: iconic five star luxury hotels. The delights of each are carefully described, is this all just marketing; they appear to be identical? All situated with no sensitivity to their surroundings, dominating their locales.

A Warm Welcome Awaits: photographs used to advertise hotels on their websites and  presumably viewed by the photographer as tempting. A mediation on the impersonality and desolation of a hotel bedrooms.

13 Postcards of Hotels never sent: unsent postcards of seemingly completely dull multinational hotels an extract from the larger book.

Handmade books, printed on a single sheet of A4, up to 30 sides.

Exhibited:  RUKSSIAN Artist’s Books, Moscow. The Sense of Place in Artist Books, University of Minnesota, USA.

Three small Books about Hotels
Three small Books about Hotels
13 Postcards, Great Hotels, A Warm Welcome

The Elsewhere Necktie Archive, drawings of ties done at Elsewhere, from life.

The Necktie Archive; crayon drawings
The Necktie Archive, drawings

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