I do enjoy both making and vandalising postcards. These pieces have been made in response to callouts and through testing ideas.

Various of these cards have been exhibited.

Go Away – Holiday postcards (sold)
Not Here
Not Here
Not Now
Not Now (sold)
We Had Names
We Had Names
Wish you were here - not me...
Wish you were here – not me…
Toast Card (supplied with portrait postcard for actual posting)
Toast Card (sold)

A very fruitful vein turned out to be the ‘Viewer Advisory’ label. Invited to contribute to an exhibition titled ‘The Postcard is a Public Work of Art’ my first thought was – but should it be? So I put myself in the place of a bureaucrat employed by the Post Office to apply warnings to postcard images which might be misinterpreted, misleading or upsetting. Clearly this could apply to almost any image.

Alienating to the differently-shaped (sold)
Mono-cultural exclusivity and Religious chauvinism
Idealized view of green energy encourages over use of electricity
Idealised view of green energy encourages over use of electricity
Aesthetically unacceptable
Aesthetically unacceptable

Look at this card, ok, naked lady, but if you think – hmmm… not very attractive, think about what she might look like clothed and you may find that she is actually a perfectly good-looking young lady. Thus has our sight been subverted by the world’s marketing people without our notice.

We now aspire to look not like normal people, but must be enhanced, photoshopped; the real is not good enough our models are constructs – no longer human.


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