The book contains the photographic documentation of 500 neckties I found during a residency at Elsewhere in North Carolina.  This work is a reflection on  our innate human propensity to seek and create patterns, to order and to classify. Through systematic cataloguing we convince ourselves that the universe is understandable, controllable and even, in part, ownable. Data recorded is data controlled.

Commercially printed book, 108 pages.

The Elsewhere Necktie Archive, cover
The Necktie catalogue.
More Neckties

The print shows the complete Excel spreadsheet of the data recorded from neckties. It is huge and intractable, like the data, deliberately reminiscent of an Ordinance Survey map in rain and high wind. The print is folded into a cover making it three dimensional and sculptural.

The information is not easily accessed; an archivists‘s subtle way of indicating a superior intellect. The ties, once part of a vast and undifferentiated mulch of used consumer goods, have, through being extracted, ordered and documented become a discrete and bounded formal archive.

Print Exhibited: Unfold London Print Studio, London, Pushing Print, The Pie Factory, Margate. Bound, Leeds City Library.

The Elsewhere Necktie Archive; spreadsheet
The Necktie spreadsheet
The Necktie Spreadsheet, detial

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