This little book was made using the cover for a Japanese packet of matches. The pages are fine, technical paper with lettering in pencil, the whole designed to have a detached and unemotional air. The text puts forth statements: ‘I am a rational person’, ‘I have concern for others’, but going through the book the statements get more and more emotional and seem to start contradicting the opening words; this person no longer sounds so rational, should not be trusted to have concern for others.  ‘I devise practical solutions’, ‘my ideas deserve to be recognised’ until finally –  ‘ my policies  will be instigated’ – sounds definitely demagogic.

So fire is still within the  matchbox but is now in the emotions of the writer, whereas the look of the piece is cool and rational.

Exhibited: Book Fire, Vyatka, Russia.

The match pouch
The match pouch
The Fire Within
The Fire Within
I have concern for others
My policies will be instigated
My policies will be instigated

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