The sketch journal of a journey to Japan, Mongolia and China grew into  a set of monoprints which in turn have become a book. The prints are on a thin, crunchy paper and have a quality all their own, but how does one deal with 16 prints which all lined up were going to take up about seven meters – quite a scroll, and one which seemed to require more glue than anything. So a book seemed to be a good solution.

The images are in order and each has words referring to it. Words which are not a caption but are distilled from the feeling and experience of the journey.

SmAirpirtCoverIn the airport, waiting, an extra two hours

SmAgonyAn empty house, through dark panes, the agony of desertion.

SmWallSo steep, a dragon’s back, the distance shows, on every summit, a fort, all linked by a festoon, (visible from space), of wall.