This book catalogues the experience of chronic ill-health. The content interleaves images from an MRI scan of the spine with the traces of quotations from health professionals made during a period of thirty eight years, recorded with a traditional manual typewriter on tracing paper. The simple A4, ring-bound structure is designed to reflect a formal bureaucratic report. (This book has been donated to Kent University Library)

Humpty Dumpty's cover
Humpty Dumpty’s cover
“Really, this illness has blighted your life.”
Humpty-Dumpty's Bones
Humpty-Dumpty’s Bones. “Your skin cancer probably is a result of the medication, but I think you should keep taking it and we can always cut our any more growths.” 
“We’ve got some good news… you haven’t got syphilis.”
‘Try to live your life as normally as possible, but don’t do too much”